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Quaestus sells Tvornica tekstila Trgovišće

Quaestus sells Tvornica tekstila Trgovišće

After the sale of Vinkovci's Spačva, Quaestus Private Equity Fund, also sold the Trgovišće Textile Factory. It was sold to Nikola Gadža, an entrepreneur who was once the main representative for Diesel for the Croatian and BiH markets, and today his largest company is a certain Sinago. In Quaestus, they confirmed the sale of a factory specializing in table and bed linen, emphasizing that the aforementioned company of Nikola Gadža, Sinago, has extensive experience in decorating and furnishing interiors in the hotel and retail industry, so it is logical that Gadža took it over. The transaction details are not known.

Unfortunately, we cannot comment on the amounts of individual transactions and details of sales processes because these are sensitive processes and a fund with a private offer. Spačva is an exception because it is a joint stock company that is listed on the stock exchange, so the data on the transaction are public - said Quaestus.

After the sale of the Vinkovci Drvna industrija Spačva and the factory in Trgovišće, only the agricultural company Fragaria remains in the portfolio of the Quaestus Private Equity Kapital II fund. As we find out, a new owner is being intensively sought for her as well. Namely, the venture capital fund is ten years old and is in the process of closing down.

The fund is in the process of liquidation, which means that its entire assets should be liquidated, including the fund's share in the company Fragaria - said Davor Dorić from Quaestus.

Quaestus is a member of Croatian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (CVCA).

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