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Provectus Capital Partners (PCP) invests in Dental Polyclinic Arena

Provectus Capital Partners (PCP) invests in Dental Polyclinic Arena

Provectus Capital Partners (PCP), a South East Europe focused investment firm, has invested in Polyclinic Arena, one of the leading polyclinics in the Republic of Croatia, making it PCP’s first investment in the dental sector.

Arena has over 60 highly skilled professionals from all fields of dentistry. PCP will continue to develop polyclinic in partnership with the founders, Marina Srdjak and Srećko Srdjak, aiming to further improve and grow the business, both organically and through acquisitions. The management team led by Srećko Srdjak, MD. dent, director of the polyclinic, will keep heading the polyclinic going forward.

”The private dental healthcare sector in Croatia has a strong potential for growth and development. We have recognized Polyclinic Arena as an excellent institution, providing top services tailored to patients, using the latest technology and high-quality materials. The polyclinic has built an excellent team of professionals and has achieved significant growth rates over the years. Through the partnership with the founders, PCP plans further investments in the private dental services sector in Croatia, and the region”, said Igor Čičak, CEO and Managing Partner at PCP.

Polyclinic Arena was founded 10 years ago and offers patients dental services in periodontology, oral surgery, prosthetics, endodontics, orthodontics, and cosmetic dentistry. It has 11 modernly equipped treatment rooms located in Zagreb.

”Dentistry in Croatia is at a very high level, and this has been recognized in the wider region, bringing an increasing number of patients to the country. Considering that this is a first such investment in a private dental clinic in Croatia, we see PCP’s investment as recognition to the entire profession, as well as recognition to our hard work. The investment will additionally strengthen Arena, enabling further investments in the staff and keeping up with the latest technological advancements”, said Srećko Srdjak, MD. dent, director.

The investment in Arena Polyclinic is the second investment of PCP’s ASEF (Adriatic Structured Equity Fund), which is supported by the European Investment Fund and the Croatian Bank for Reconstruction and Development under the CROGIP program.

Provectus Capital Partners is a member of the Croatian Private Equtiy and Venture Capital Association (CVCA).

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