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Provectus Capital Partners new owner of Aviva Polyclinic

Provectus Capital Partners new owner of Aviva Polyclinic

Fortenova group concluded the sale of the Aviva Polyclinic, one of the leading Croatian polyclinics, to the investment company Provectus Capital Partners (PCP). Aviva Polyclinic is a select healthcare provider for patients, companies and insurers, offering a wide range of services to more than 40,000 users in the areas of prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. The polyclinic has over 40 years of tradition and is also one of the largest domestic private polyclinics with more than 80 employees.

Provectus Capital Partners is an investment company focused on the markets of Southeast Europe, which took over the Aviva Polyclinic through the ASEF (Adriatic Structured Equity Fund). Aviva Polyclinic is the third PCP investment in Croatia.

PCP will continue to invest in the growth of Aviva's business, which will occupy a central position in the company's further plans to consolidate the private health sector in Croatia.

”The private health sector in Croatia has significant growth potential in the coming years, and with the acquisition of Aviva we have gained a quality position and key know-how to continue our investments in order to consolidate the health sector. We are committed to the further development of Aviva and new investments to ensure maximum added value to both customers and employees, thus raising and ensuring long-term sustainable business and the value of Aviva itself ", said Igor Čičak, CEO and managing partner of PCP.

Commenting on the transaction, James Pearson, Chief Financial Officer of Fortenova Group, said: “Through cooperation with Provectus Capital Partners, Fortenova Group has provided a quality strategic and financial partner and enabled further development and realization of the full potential of Aviva Polyclinic, all for the benefit of its patients. , suppliers and hard-working employees, to whom we would like to thank in particular for their contribution ”.

Fabris Peruško, Member of the Management Board and Chief Executive Officer of the Fortenova Group, emphasized: “With this transaction, the Fortenova Group is successfully completing the entire process of disinvesting some companies that are not in the function of our core activities. We are very satisfied with the overall realization of this project, because we have found quality partners for all our companies from non-core activities that will develop their future business. At the same time, Fortenova group will be able to create a focused portfolio and strengthen its capital structure. ”

Provectus Capital Partners is a member of the Croatian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (CVCA).

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