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Private Insights Conference with Mirna Marovic CVCA president as moderator of the event

Membership in the Croatian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (CVCA) and your participation in CVCA activities will bring about the development of a dynamic investment market that will, as such, contribute to the development of the Croatian economy.​ The success of CVCA depends on the active involvement of members in creating a favorable environment for the development of private equity and venture capital (VC) markets.​ The dissemination of information on the PE and VC markets is also a precondition for success: how to achieve economic and entrepreneurial development, what they can do for more jobs, increase competitiveness and develop the capital market.​ Creating a favorable legal and regulatory environment and its evidence are key in attracting everyone, including PE and VC investments. CVCA is already working with the lawmaker to develop a legal framework related to the PE and VC markets.​ Market Participants: Investors, investment and peacekeeping funds, banks, lawyers, accounting and other advisors, they should be familiar with how the PE and VC markets work.​ The activity of CVCA and other members will contribute to the growing number of transactions in the PE and VC markets and will contribute to the dynamic development of the enterprise and capital markets. It will increasingly offer the development of PE and VC markets, and time and growth in investment and economic growth.


Blue Sea Capital
CEE Equity Partners
Enterprise Investors
Fil Rouge Capital
Inspire Investments
Invera Equity Partners
Prosperus Invest
Provectus Capital
Quaestus Private Equity Partners
South Central Ventures
Branko Skerev

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