The Assembly, a meeting of the Board of Directors and the selection of a new Board of Directors were held

December 18, 2019
Photo by CVCA

The HVCA assembly was held at the initiative of President Mirna Marovic, in order to relaunch the activities of the association. All old and potentially new members were invited to convene an extraordinary session of the HVCA Assembly with a request to complete the membership application form, thereby renewing their membership or becoming new HVCA members.​

Mirna Marovic suggested the future organization and plan of activities of the association for 2020. The proposal of the future organization of the association includes new categories of membership with the aim of making the association the first professional body of representatives of the company for managing private equity and venture capital funds. Membership categories are: full members, associate members, individual members and honorary members.​

The activities planned for 2020 are as follows:
1. Organization of HVCA conferences, seminars and other events;
2. Participation in partner events, with the possibility of promoting the Croatian private equity and venture capital industry through discounted registration fees and distribution of promotional brochures;
3. Publication of a promotional brochure on the Croatian private equity and venture capital industry with member profiles - private equity and venture capital fund management companies;
4. New websites and social networks already created
5. Regular monthly e-newsletter for members and other interested professional public The Assembly determines the composition of the Management Board.