CVCA support and action in response to coronavirus escalation

The rapid escalation of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is prompting unparalleled responses by governments, financial institutions, companies and individuals across the European continent and around the world. 

As the voice of the private equity and venture capital industry in Croatia, CVCA is preparing to support our members fully through this crisis. We shall be organizing regular conference calls to further discuss how our support can help our members in the continuity of their business activities as well as mitigating the effects on their portfolio companies, in particular small-and-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and companies in the tourism and other sectors that are expected to be mostly hard-hit by the crisis. 

Instead of organizing live events, we are considering organizing webinars and other online events. Please check regularly our website and social networks for updates, and subscribe to our e-newsletter for the latest updates on our insights and activities.

We remain committed to providing the same high-level support to the industry operating remotely enabled with IT infrastructure that we have in place. We fully support all the safeguard protection measures that the Croatian government and other governments around Europe have imposed to contain the virus, including in particular limiting social interaction in person. Despite the measures, our work can continue uninterrupted. We shall keep all our members and interested public updated with the latest news on policy responses and resources on how to cope with this unprecedent crisis. We remain available for contact for further information and support. 



HVCA ima za cilj pospješiti i pojednostavniti stvaranje pogodnog okružja za private equity i venture capital investicije u Republici Hrvatskoj i regiji, te postati središnjim mjestom okupljanja svih pripadnika private equity i venture capital industrije.

Prijavite se na HVCA Newsletter i primajte novosti iz Private Equity i Venture Capital industrije, te obavijesti o našim događanjima i događanjima partnera. 

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